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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chi Ro images

Chi Ro На монета од Магнетиус (350-353 година)

Чест елемент во ранохристијанските базилики, мермерен релјеф со Христовиот монограм и "алфа и омега" - почетокот и крајот, Господ Бог Исус Христос

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  1. Stavros - searching possible origin of..
    Searching possible origin of this I guess famous Greek personal name.
    Lets again check out those two letters Chi and Ro .pronounced as Ksi and Ro
    Lets see the way of Cross symbol creation .
    That creation been made very easy on the way that letter Ro been put at the middle of the letter X
    Thus we have following symbol

    Again for reminding .. we have splitting diftong situations where between K's phones letter P pronounced Ro been put at the middle of it or orthographically expressed P been put at the middle of X
    Raised sounding situation we have got is :
    X plus Ro
    K`S plus Ro at the way that Ro is put at the middle or..

    K Ro S
    KRS or KRST is how we will say for Cross .
    KRSTE is personal name out of it.
    But lets check for Stavros possility

    Connection of this letters with a name of Stavros can not be done at the easiest way as with our Macedon. language for the name KRSTE what is parallel on Greek name, but because of existence of illogical matter ,when talking over this abstraction ...

    So, if we focused at the verb put ...we might have something .

    At Greek verb "to put" is translated as : να θέσει (na thései )
    In Latin verb "to put " is tranlsated with :
    loco :place, position, set, put, posit, dispose

    jacio: cast, fling, throw, throw away, throw off, throw out

    dido: distribute, disseminate, spread, divide, separate, put

    disdo:distribute, disseminate, spread, divide, separate, put

    obdo;expose, put, place, place before, shut, close

    sisto:stop, set, present, arrest, place, put

    addo: add, bring, give, append, apply, lay on

    set, prepare, procure, intend, plan, supply

    colloco:quarter, place, place together, install, instal, establish

    conloco:rank, place, place together, install, instal, establish

    iacio: throw, scatter, cast, hurl, fling, throw away

    adhibeo: use, apply, summon, make use, invite, put

    quaero: miss, seek, inquire, ask, require, look for

    repono :replace, lay, store, restore, place, put

    constituo : fix, constitute, establish, appoint, set, set up

    sepono: set apart, lay aside, banish, put, put apart, put aside

    do : give, allocate, offer, bestow, grant, lend

    coicio : fling, pile together, throw, conclude, devote, infer

    Verb "To put " , lets continue as we are reading at previously examples does not matched personal name Stavros .
    If we try with Macedon. language we will have this suggestion

    "To put " is translated with "да стави ( da stavi) because shortly
    put means : стави (stavi)

    You may check out for yourselves


    What we have is a description of some verbal actions .
    Those verbal actions are describing that letter P - Ro been PUT at the middle of letter X
    Again :
    To Put- da stave , from PUT stavi
    Name is created with verb PUT and letter P -pronounced Ro
    In Macedonian situation is this:

    Stave + Ro ~> StaveRo* adding meaningless suffix s we have got
    Stavros .

    Holly Macaroni
    Wtf ?
    And how come this Macedonian linguistic influence over forgive me Lord "Greek Colony of Byzantine " ...