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Friday, February 19, 2016

The symbol of Macedonian Empire

"Vergina syn" is wrong term The Sun of Macedonian Empire should stay instead. And it is religious symbol as well . And because it is religious symbol we will match it at the Mother of God images "Athena was the virgin Godess. When Christianity “arrived” in Greece, Greeks replaced Athena with the Madonna(the mother of Jesus Christ). So , all the temples of Athena became churches of Madonna (including the Parthenon) and all the symbols that had connection with Athena, became Madonna’s symbols. So did the Sun of Vergina: It became the symbol of Madonna! The Byzantine Artists were calling the Sun of Vergina as “Aeiparthenon”, that means “For ever Virgin”. A typical image of Madonna includes 3 Suns of Vergina (Aeiparthena). These 3 suns, as Byzantinologists say, symbolize the fact that Mary remained a virgin before the conception, during the gestation and after the birth of Jesus Christ. The following images show the usage of the Vergina Sun in the Byzantine Empire.."1

It does have a meaning of God, Heaven and it does become a root for a symbol of Cross . Thus because the Cross symbol has its simplest fat the symbol of the Sun . :) No one believe ? You could check for your own . As universal religious symbol been spared all around the Globe. These are Mesopotamian clay tablets clayey hieroglyphs "... The Sign for "Star"evolved over the centuries from a drawing (image what is far left) into a more abstract symbol(right).It also stood for the words
"heaven"and "god" in both the Sumerian and the Assyrian tongues...’’2


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