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Friday, February 19, 2016

"Graikoi" could be tribe naming only

"Graikoi." as tribe name become a national name ?

How that become ?

Do you know how many tribes were at Ancient Macedonia.All of them had theirs own tribe naming and none of them did not become national name .
Macedonia become their name .
Do you understand that Macedonia was not tribe name .

Now  you are telling that what is not a case for Macedonia and Macedonians
used to be case for Greece and Greeks ?
On what or how you can based that claim ?

Rum  or Romaioi is religious term
Members of Imperium Romanun Orientale Church or
Members of Eastern Roman Empire Church were
"Romaioi " at Latin
or Rumi at Arabic .
What will say all of the Christians were under that term
Areas of influence of that Church use to be named as Rumelia from Othomans or Osmanlians .

Where you can see Greeks at that period ?

Chinese wall point is that ones used to be at the very north of China ,
At the present should be  farther south, because Chinese ppl moved at North.

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