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Monday, October 3, 2016

Brahma -Prama

Akaro vishnurudhishta Ukarastu Maheshwarah
Makarasthu smritho Brahma Pranavastu thrayasmakah|| 


From the A sound emerges Vishnu and from the U, Maheshwara. 
With the M sound is Brahma remembered, these three being the constituents of the Pranava.

(Pranava = Om in Sound/perceivable form ) 

Sans AUM has reminded me on Macedonian Duma. 
I have done some researches for Duma, I am afraid that is not enough 


Skipping letter D 

U -addicted to, into 

Um –wits 

MA –Goddesses of 

Uma –sort of soil, land 


Uma-Goddesses of 

Now I can say that was so fare ...from now one, I have got M standing for Brahma,and a question Why M letter for Brahma ? 

While ago when I have discovered b -> p changes ,and after reading of Acharya’s text over the Brahma-Abraham possibility , I was wondering and now even much more ,could it be that, there is a reason why M standing for Brahma 



*Prahma or *Pra (h) ma 

Or neologism Pre Ma 

*Prama in Macedonian 

I have compared with the female name of Prvin where in my language 

Prv stands for firs, Prvin for firstly, I do not know in Sans is it the same case? 

If it is than “v-u” changes will lead us to vowel’s “u-e” changes of 

*Pru –Pra-Pre 

Pre Ma or Pre Mother in English