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Friday, October 28, 2016

Дума во Санскрит

1. NameGenderMeaning
2. Name(split by word)WordWord Sanskrit Meaning
D - u - mau1. an enclitic copula used frequently in the Vedasvedas
2. a particle implying assent
3. on the other hand
4. Name of Siva,
5. Name of Brahman
du - madu1. to be burnt
2. to be consumed with internal heat or sorrow
D - um - aum1. an interjection of anger
2. a particle implying assent
3. interrogation
Dum - aa1. Name of Vishnu
2. interjection of pity
3. not
D - umauma1. a city,town
2. a whar,landing-place
3. perhaps from flax Linum Usitatissimum
4. turmeric Curcuma Longa
5. Name othe daughter oHimavathimavat wife othe god SivaSiva also called ParvatipArvatI and DurgadurgA the name is said to be derived fromom u mA,O child,do not practise austerities the exclamation addressed to ParvatipArvatI by her mother
duma -duma1. smoke,vapour,mist
2. smoke as a sternutaty in fmsa place preparedthe building oa house
3. wheat
4. a kind oincense
5. a saint
Du - mama1. water
2. the moon
3. a magic formula
4. time
5. (in prosody) a molossus