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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


≫ madana
mádana m. (ifc. f. ā) passion, love or the god of love MBh. Kāv. &c
• a kind of embrace L.
• the season of spring L.
• a bee L.
• (?) bees-wax ( paṭṭikā)
• Vanguiera Spinosa Suśr.
• a thorn-apple and various other plants (e.g. Phaseolus Radiatus, Acacia Catechu &c.) L.
• a bird L.
• (in music) a kind of measure Saṃgīt.
• (in astrol.) N. of the 7th mansion Var.
• N. of various men and authors (also with ācāryabhaṭṭasarasvatī &c
• below.Rājat. Inscr. Cat.
• (ā), f. any intoxicating drink, spirituous liquor L.
• (ī), f. id. L.
• musk L.
• N. of a plant (= atimuktaL.
• the civet-cat L.
• n. the act of intoxicating or exhilarating MW.
• (scil. astra), N. of a mythical weapon R. (vḷ. mādana)
• bees-wax L.
• mfn. = mandrá Nir.