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Friday, May 12, 2017

Kittim -Anaveno

ne znam sto e prethodno pisuvano..
ama ova go znam..
The Kittim in the War Scroll and in the Pesharim

By the end of the second century BCE there was a dispute around the identification of the Kittim in Judea. The author of the First book of Maccabees(zapamtete AVTOR,NE TOLKUVAC ILI SLICNO), who wrote his book at the beginning of the reign of John Hyrcanus the first, around the year 135, identif ied the Kittim with the Macedonians (no. 2 in the handout):
"This is the history of events which began in the era of Macedonistic ,"Hellenistic"(bullshit..nemalo hellenistic pred 19 vek) dynasty. The dynasty has its origins in the time of Alexander son of Philip, the Macedonian.
This Alexander marched out from the land of Kittim...and smote Darius, king of the Persians and the Medes, and became king in his place and thus the first to rule over the Macedonistic (Hellenistic e bullshit,nemalo pred 19 vek..) empire"
(1Maccabees 1:1);
"They have defeated in battle and conquered King Philip and King Perseus of the Kittim (Macedonians), who had attacked them"
(1 Maccabees 8:5). His identification was based on the assumption, that Persia is to be identified with the Asyrian kingdom, based on Ezrah 6;22:р¬»Žт¬р©…п»рон¬¦оЖрЎнрІс¬фрт…Žфр»І»Гр…тІЎо®р‘»ртІЎГројур¬оі…р¦ …рІ¦Хр›т¬ШрŽ¦оГр¦Ў ур»м»оГр…І¦›‘фр…»фро»Г𛦬о»р»тШ›¦ 'And they joyfully celebrated the Feast of the Mazot for seven days, for the Lord had given them cause for joy by inclining the heart of the Asyrian king toward them so to give them support in the w ork of the House of God, the God of Israel'. Having conquered the kingdom of Persia, i.e. Assyria, by Alexander the Great (bullshit nemalo great pred 19 vek,yuku MAKEDONSKI), one may deduce that the Kittim should be identified as the Macedonian.

Hanan Eshel

koj e John Hyrcanus (Yohanan Girhan 134 BCE - 104 BCE?.........
by his brother-in-law Ptolemy(Makedonecot)...

kakov Kipar i slicni gluposti...

zarem covekot koj Ptolemy(Makedonecot)..
i koj se dignal na vostanie protiv Selevkidite (Makedoncite),bi utnal kade i koi bile Kitim i od Kitim....


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