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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Konstantinija Capital of Oriental

Konstantinija is correct name for the Tsars City  Constantinople is fake and invited ( guesses are 19th cent.) therm  as well after  Konstantinia has been renamed as Islam bool . Holly macaroni lets read some more nonsense : Constantinople (Greek: Κωνσταντινούπολις Konstantinoúpolis or Κωνσταντινούπολη Konstantinoúpoli; Latin: Constantinopolis; Ottoman Turkish: قسطنطینية,Qustantiniyye‎; modern Turkish: İstanbul; Bulgarian: Цариград. Focus : Latin: Constantinopolis; Ottoman Turkish: قسطنطینية,Qustantiniyye‎; modern Turkish: İstanbul; Zoom:  Ottoman Turkish: قسطنطینية,Qustantiniyye‎; modern Turkish: İstanbul; Why this is scientist fantasy ? Because  When Ottomans caught up the City its name already was : قسطنطینية,Qustantiniyye‎; or Konstantinija  what Ottomans renamed as Islam Bool , meaning for all at the Islam  i.e. for all Muslims . Why their is no Constantinople as the city name? Because their is no name as Athenapolis*,but Athena, their is not Tebapolis but it is Teba, never been Spartapolis* , but Sparta. And because never ever been name of city as ROMAPOLIS* but ROMA, and the most of all because never ever been Empire with a name of Byzantium , but only Eastern Roman Empire . And as it is fake naming of Byzantium ,it is fake naming of Constantinopolis . And still Romaioi or Rumi according to Koran , were not Greeks Rumi were members of Eastern Roman Church If you do not have prop methodology do not bother . You are not going to find correct conclusion . For those what would like to find out more.This is nice video .Full English Time is 4 min.and 14 sec. when talking about Konstantiniya :) _______________________ From the the weakest  ever link :

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