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Friday, November 6, 2015

Don -meaning Earth

In Sans are references that Earth is recorded just about as Zemia Kshamaya Dharitri is a very famous Sans saying meaning 'as patient or forgiving as the earth'. Sanskrit: kṣámyas adj earthly kṣā́s n earth, ground Link is between ksamyas and zemia Ref: Julius Pokorny's Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (2 vols, 1959-69).. page’s…414-16 link: _______________________ Place, ground, earth: o dun .i. terra; ó dun .i. o thalmain O'Mulc. 320 . arathar fri d.¤, gortt for d.¤, ib. foichli ōcu allad.¤ (= ala-d.¤) of another place , Misc. Hib. 28 → 3- don Keywords: gift Letter: D2 COLUMN: 346 Line: 028 3 don (dón? Lat. donum) gift: d.¤ tidnocul, Auraic. 2733 . d.¤ .i. tindlocad, Lec. Gl. 178 . See dán…3 ---------- ref: 3- J. Grant “Auraicept na n-éces: the scholars' primer; being the texts of the Ogham tract from the Book of Ballymote and the Yellow book of Lecan, and the text of the Trefhocul from the Book of Leinster; ed. from eight manuscripts, with introduction, translation of the Ballymote text, notes, and indices”Edinburgh,1917 …page lvi, 274. Ova e sredeno . ________________ Dunia at today's Macedonian dialects also appear as ...World dunja f (arch.) svet -the world Ref: Todor Dimitrovski, Blagoja Korubin Trajko Stamatoski Dictionary of the Macedonian language Serbo-Croatian interpretations I ", Skopje 1961, p. 158
________________ Dunya has got its origin at the word Don. Don and its Earth meaning is been recorded at Thracian language : dón ‘place, country (side)’ [Old-Ir. dú, Gen. don ‘place, country (side)’, Greek chthón ‘soil, land’].1 _______________________ Ref:
1-Pedersen, Holger,” Vergleichende Grammatik der keltischen Sprachen” ,Göttingen,1909-13.. page I-II also Ériu,” Journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature”Royal Irish Academy ,Dublin,1904 2- Rudolf Thurneysen. “A Grammar of Old Irish” ,Dublin, 1946… xxi, 717 _________________ Don meaning of at Irish language from Old Irish Du 1-dú due dú dáu Keywords: place; spot; variety; Letter: D2 COLUMN: 417 Line: 002 f.? cf. Ml. 27 c 10 , where hí suidi seems to refer to nach dú, ..1 2- don Keywords: Place; ground; earth; Letter: D2 COLUMN: 345 Line: 066 -don Occurs only as as., gs., and ds. (cf. however Laws iv 188.21 Comm. cited below). Prob. orig. same word as dú. See Thurn. Gramm. 212 ..2 ______________________

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