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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Go on home British soldiers

Go on home British soldiers 

Based of song lyrics I did made a copy at this way 

"..We're not Bulgars, we're not Serbs we're not Greeks
We're Macedonians and proud we are to be

So fuck your E.Union Jack We want our country back
We want to see old Macedonia free once more

So Go on home Neighbor Soldiers Go on home
Have you got no fucking homes of your own
For many many years we've fought you without fear
And we will fight you for many many more

We'll fight them Neighborhood Soldiers for the cause
We'll never bow to Soldiers because
Throughout our history We were born to be free
So get out bastards leave us be.."

Во светот постои уште една судбина иста каква и на Ирците 
Таа на Македонците ’’


“I know of two tragic histories in the world – that of Ireland and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.” Roger Casement 

Познавам две трагични истории во Светот -таа на Ирска и таа за Македонија . И двете се недоиспишани и се маченички ".Роџер Кејсмент
Револуционер на Ирска погубен од Британците 1916 год ,после едно во низата ирски Востанија

извор :

John Shea,“Macedonia and Greece: The Struggle to Define a New Balkan Nation’’, North Carolina and London 1997, page 8

врска :

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